Yogalehrer James Higgins im Interview

mit Michi’s Yoga:

„Yoga means everything to me“


James ist einer der führenden Yogalehrer in San Francisco. Bei seinen weltweiten Workshops gibt der ehemalige
Direktor der Lehrer-Ausbildung bei Yoga Works sein Wissen und seine langjährige Erfahrung aus dem Vinyasa-Yoga, dem Buddhismus (Vipassana-Mediation) und emotionaler Balance weiter.

James Blogpost InterviewIch durfte im Mai diesen Jahres 3 Tage bei James‘ Workshop im Yogaplace Salzburg dabeisein und dabei intensiv in seinen Unterricht eintauchen. James ist ein ganz besonderer Lehrer für mich. Nicht sein Ego oder seine tollen Yoga-Posen stehen im Vordergrund, sondern seine Schüler die er in ganz feinfühliger und ruhiger Art unterrichtet.
James erinnert mich in seinen Yogastunden immer wieder daran, dass es im Yoga nicht darum geht möglichst schwierige Asanas ausführen zu können, sondern Werte wie Freundlichkeit und Güte mir – wie auch anderen gegenüber – zu entwickeln.



1) What does Yoga mean to you?


To me Yoga means so much of which I can only attempt to articulate with the limitations of language. Yoga means everything to me. As humans living in this material world we are somehow separated from love and peace in the universe within and outside of ourselves. Our true nature in spiritual connection is the divine abode where we can rest at home in ourselves full of love and fulfillment. Yoga means home to me at this point of my life. Home is where my heart is and my soul can continue to evolve.




2) What do you want to convey in your yoga workshops and classes to your students? How would you describe your teaching?


I wish to convey love and kindness, stability and ease, empowerment and relaxation, soul retrieval and healing, relief and release and of course things that I don’t understand myself but am a channel to receive and share for others well being and prosperity.

My teaching is intuitive and informed, it is passionate and clear, it is evolving and growing as I learn as well. It is giving everything I can as clearly and generously as I possibly can to be of service in the best sense



image3) How do you find inspiration; what or how inspires you the most?


Striving to evolve and grow inspire me. It is an endless endeavor I love. Being a student of life is a gift. Discovery and mystery inspire me. The dark and the light inspire me. Teachings and writings through history from all lineages inspire me whether its from asia, euorpe, america, south america, polynesia, etc. Throughout time cross culturally there are maps and information to dig into and discover and all are part of a very large tapestry I weave in my body, mind, spirit, and soul.




and finally 4) What is your favorite asana, practice or ritual?


I have so many favorites. I love meditation first and foremost. Asana wise its always changing…at this moment downward dog and upward dog are revelations to me, as is forward bends and backbends, and twists as well….Im rediscovering the poses continually. I also love candles and water. I love cleaning my body. I love coffee!! I love walks and swimming, music and dance, intimacy with nature and close friends. I love conversation and incense. There is so much I do as ritual and practice.


Thank you so much James for your kind words and for sharing your very personal insights into your life!


Mehr zu James und seine Workshops gibt es auf seiner Homepage:





Von Freitag 10.November bis Sonntag 12. November 2017 gibt James hast du wieder die Gelegenheit in den Genuss von James‘ Yogaklassen zu kommen – Sichere dir schnell deinen Platz!

Die Workshops bzw. Masterclass (=eine längere Yogaeinheit) sind für JEDEN geeignet. James versteht es seinen Unterricht an seine Schüler anzupassen und so kann jeder von seinem Unterricht profitieren.


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